Opera for Nintendo DSに関するFAQ



Q: Will there be any way to download stuff like files, music, and all that?
A: This is not currently planned.

Q: Will you be able to have multiple windows with different webpages, open at any time?
A: Tabbed browsing is not available in Opera Small Screen Rendering (SSR) mode.

Q: I assume the standard image formats: JPG, GIF, and PNG are supported.
A: Correct.

Q: Are PDF and Flash supported.
A: No

Q: Will any sort of features be included in the browser to protect users from viruses lurking the Web?
A: Opera is a tremendously secure browser even on Windows. On the specialized OS in the DS, Opera should be even more protected from malicious code intended for desktop browsers.

Q: Is it fast?
A: Of course, it's Opera :-)


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