もし、予定通り明日に New build が公開されるのなら、どうやら BitTorrent と Content Block において、大きな変更があるようだ。

Implemented a new disk cache for BitTorrent. For the time being, it's hardcoded at 10MB per torrent, but this will probably be configurable. Due to the nature of the BitTorrent protocol, data is written randomly across the files currently being downloaded. This is quite demanding for both hardware and software.
The new disk cache tries to optimize this at the expense of higher memory usage.

BitTorrent and Content Blocking in this weekly build - Desktop Team - - by Desktop Team


Some people have reported that torrents have a tendency to stall. We have identified and fixed one case where removing a torrent from the transfer manager while other torrents were downloading could make the remaining torrents stall.


The implementation of this new disk cache is a somewhat major change in the BitTorrent implementation. If you experience crashes (hopefully there won't be any), please make sure to file a bug report with a crash log created by Inspector.


次にコンテンツブロックだが……と、ここで2ch Operaスレを覗いてみたらエライ人が邦訳してくれていたので、それを参照することにした。わかりやすい文になっているので、上の BitTorrent のも併せて読んでみて。しかし作業が早いな。

There are many other changes in this week's build, you will (hopefully) be able to read about them in the changelog that will be posted tomorrow.


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